Iscra Servizi Associati has the resources to meet translation needs in any language and disciplinary field: technical, legal, medical, marketing and
business. The translation process is governed by the “Translation process” of our UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 certified Quality Management System.

All material received from our Customers is used exclusively for the sole purposes of the professional service requested and always in compliance with the privacy legislation in force. All our collaborators sign an NDA (Non- disclosure agreement), which binds them to keep the information they become aware of during the fulfillment of the assignment confidential.

Iscra Servizi Associati has adopted an ISO9001:2015 compliant Quality Management System, certified by RINA. For further information about our Quality Policy please visit it.

The Iscra team has direct and long-term experience in the translation and revision of technical documentation in various sectors (iron and steel, energy, industrial automation, legislation and corporate documentation including financial statements, statutes, articles of association, meeting minutes, chamber of commerce records, etc.). We believe in lifelong learning, that is, continuous training through participation in refresher courses and seminars. Our translators, revisers and interpreters are highly professional and have consolidated experience.

For legal translations Iscra also collaborates with court appointed expert witnesses and/or experts registered with the Chamber of Commerce’s Register of Experts (*), while medical/pharmaceutical translations are carried out by professionals with a degree in pharmacy/biology/medicine or by translators specialized in the medical sector.

For the qualification of new collaborators, the relevant QMS ISO 9001:2015 procedure is applied, which provides for compliance with a range of specific requirements including university level or equivalent education, knowledge of working languages at the level of a native speaker, membership in Associations such as, for example, AITI and ANITI, at least 5 years of experience, passing translation tests, knowledge of and experience with the most popular translation tools, etc.

For many years we have been suppliers of companies and professionals operating in different sectors and we have created and continuously updated a terminology database customized by sector and customer.

Iscra is a Unilingue member, the most important association of linguistic service providers in Europe, a member of EUATC – European Union of Associations of Translation Companies, and a member of Confindustria Innovative and Technological Services, and applies its code of ethics.

(*) Daniela Patanè, Project Manager and Iscra associate, is registered as a Professional Translator with the Genoa Chamber of Commerce for the English language, registration number 2173