To request a quotation please email us at or fill in the online form

In case of request by email:

For translation/DTP you are kindly requested to:

  • Attach the file
  • Specify the requested language/languages and/or DTP service
  • Indicate required deadlines, if any

For interpreting services please state:

  • Date of beginning/end and place of event, time schedule, languages required
  • Service required (simultaneous, consecutive, chuchotage, liaison)
  • Event title, subject or relative industry
  • Equipment to be supplied (booths and headphones, amplification systems, etc.)
  • Any other services related to the event


Via Cesarea 2/4
16121 Genova

Tel and Fax

Tel. +39 010 0995060 – 0995061
Fax +39 010 0995062

Mobile 340 4865412

“Online form”

Please describe the requested service (e.g. translation, interpreting, DTP, etc.) in the “Requested service” field

In the “Additional information” field, please indicate the language/languages requested and a detailed description of the service