In 1985, Italiampianti S.p.A, a company of the IRI-IRITECNA group (plant engineering, metallurgy, industrial metalworking, etc.) supported by the Italy – USSR Association of Genoa, selected a group of young graduates in Russian Studies and started their training in technical translation with Dr. Canzio  Vandelli, head of the Italimpianti Translation Office and author of widely used Italian-Russian technical and phraseological dictionaries, and mechanical, civil and electrical engineers, corporate managers, etc.

The purpose of the training course was the creation of a team of Russian-speaking translators and interpreters, to translate the significant amount of technical documentation, to serve as interpreters during business negotiations and technical meetings, and to assist during visits to subcontractors’ plants, as well as to support the organizational secretariat in Italy (Genoa) and the USSR. In fact the team was part of the “turnkey” order for the construction of the largest pipe plant in Europe for the production of seamless pipes (720,000 t/year of seamless pipes and 210,000 t/year of billets), in Volzhskij, an industrial city located in the Volgograd Region in the southern part of the former Soviet Union.

Iscra Servizi Associati was established in 1989 following this extraordinary experience of daily work alongside Russian and Italian technicians and engineers from Italimpianti, from the Dnepropetrovskij Institut Proektirovanija, and from the many subcontracting companies involved “Volzhskij Project”. That experience enabled Iscra Servizi Associati to start off with an immense wealth of technical knowledge and consolidated terminology learned directly “in the field”. As a consequence it quickly expanded its Customer portfolio and the services offered, becoming a trusted supplier for many large industrial companies, SMEs, and professionals for all multilingual communication needs.

In 1991, the Iscra Moscow branch was opened. It was managed by Italian and local staff, and operated until 1995 providing linguistic, logistical, and organizational support to Italian companies in their business and technical missions in Russia and in the countries of the newly formed Commonwealth of Independent States.

In 2001, Iscra Servizi Associati received ISO9002 Quality Management System certification. In the same year it was among the first language service providers to join Feder.Cen.Tr.I – National Federation of Translation and Interpreting Centers, today Unilingue, adopting its code of conduct. In 2018 it certified the QMS according to the new ISO 9001:2015 standard.

Since 2015 the headquarter is located in Via Cesarea 2/4, in the heart of Genoa, from which it continues to coordinate a large group of collaborators in Italy and abroad, managing projects of tens of thousands of pages of multilingual documentation.


  • Expertise
  • Experience
  • Quality
  • Attention to our costumer’s needs
  • Customization
  • Education and Training
    • Collaboration
    • Trasparency
    • Confidentiality
  • Competenza
  • Esperienza
  • Qualità
  • Attenzione per il Cliente
  • Customizzazione
  • Formazione
  • Collaborazione
  • Trasparenza
  • Riservatezza


  • Because translation and interpreting have always been our “core business”
  • Because we have more than 30 years of experience working alongside our customers’ technical staff to learn how systems and equipment work and thus provide the best possible translation
  • Because we have vast terminology databases and numerous glossaries in the most varied sectors
  • Because we know how to manage complex projects (multilingual, integrated,etc.)
  • Because our translators are specialized and competent professionals, with a high level of education and training
  • Because our ISO 9001:2015 certified Quality Management System offers strict criteria for the management of translation and interpretation projects as well as for the selection of collaborators
  • Because for us, human knowledge, experience, sensitivity and intuition are key factors in the translation process
  • Because we are always ready to help our customers choose the best solution, both in terms of quality and cost
  • Because we are courteous, flexible and professional with Customers, Collaborators and Suppliers
  • Because we are part of Unilingue, the most important National Association of Translation and Interpreting Centers, a member of Confindustria Innovative and Technological Services, and a member of the European Union Association of Translation Companies