All translations provided by Iscra are conducted by native speakers with many years of experience in various disciplines, able to produce texts at a highly stylistic and terminological level. All documents are revised for completeness and correctness by the PM or a second translator.

In some cases, at the Customer’s request or based on the analysis of aspects such as the end user, the function, and the intended use (internal or intended for publication and dissemination, training, etc.), the translated text may be subjected to further revision and modifications by technical-scientific consultants with university training and professional experience in the specific sector. These revisions often even lead to improvements in the original text.

This is the case for publications, instructions, studies, etc., the layout and structure of the content of which often require significant reworking in order to be suitable in the target language. For technical-scientific consultancy, Iscra makes use of native speaker reviewers with a university degree in the corresponding disciplines.

For the technical-scientific advice of texts translated into foreign languages, Iscra makes use of native speaker reviewers graduated in the corresponding disciplines.


Thanks to specific experience in the HR field, in particular in the recruiting and training of personnel, Iscra is able to provide qualified support for the selection of personnel with translation and/or interpretation expertise.

The service may include linguistic testing in the context of interviews aimed at the selection of personnel at any level.